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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Romance Adventures Blog Hop. For the next THREE days, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and read excerpts from my debut novel Infernal Ice as well as the work of twenty two of my talented colleagues in a variety of genres ranging from Paranormal to Military Romance.

In the following scene, we find Raum Corvus and Jessa Belle Jones, the main characters of Infernal Ice, at a turning point in their relationship. Enjoy!


Jessa walked ahead of Raum signaling him to follow in her steps. They stopped at the foot of the Banyan tree. She ran her fingers along the small cracks and rough formations on its surface. She leaned her back against the massive trunk.  Raum faced her, his hands tucked into his jean pockets contemplating the tree. She sighed. A few feet from her stood the promise of a new day. A new love.

“Jessa?” Raum said lifting her chin.  Their eyes met. She read gentle concern in his. He stepped forward and leaned into Jessa, wedging her between his body and the tree trunk. He trailed his fingers down her arm before intertwining them with hers.

What’s on your mind?” he whispered against her lips

Jessa inhaled. “A lot of things,” she answered looking away.

He cupped Jessa’s face. “Such as”?

Jessa took a deep breath and looked straight into his eyes “I’m debating whether I should exercise caution as I’ve always have and stay on the shoreline where it’s safe or let myself go into the rip current?”

He frowned. “Rip current? I don’t understand. What are you referring to?”

“You…I’m referring to you Raum… You’re the rip current.”

Raum’d been called many things in his life but never had anyone called him a rip current.  He understood what Jessa met though. His eyes searched hers. In them, he saw love but also fear.  The fear he would disappoint her. She feared he, too, would break her heart.  Reaching for her hand, he placed it on his chest where his heart galloped with joy.

“Then I’m asking you to throw caution to the wind and let the current carry you. Don’t be afraid as you slip from the shore. Don’t panic or swim against the tide. Float to me Jessa. I will never let you drown. Let my love be the lifeboat that keeps you safe from the elements and the undertow.  Let me be your life support.”

Hope you enjoyed this snippet : ) Infernal Ice will be available on December 18th on Amazon and B&N.

Stop by my fellow authors pages as well. Happy reading!

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  2. Daryl Devore
  3. Jennifer Lowery
  4. Andrea R Cooper
  5. Melissa Keir
  6. Karen Lopp
  7. Aine P Massie
  8. Gaeille Vanderspek
  9. Joceline Farrah
  10. Jenna Jaxon
  11. Gina Danna
  12. Melissa Kendall
  13. Sharon Cullen
  14. D’Ann Lindun
  15. Nikki Lynn Barrett
  16. Tricia L. Quinnies
  17. Lisa Kumar
  18. Georgia Lyn Hunter
  19. Sheri Fredricks
  20. Susan Sheehey
  21. Aleah Barley
  22. Stacey Brutger
  23. Bobbi Romans

8 thoughts on “Romance Adventures Blog Hop

  1. Within this excerpt you can feel the compassion and emotion between Raum and Jessa. As I read it I felt like I was right in the middle experiencing how her heart is being torn between Scott and Raum. The verbiage used really reaches out to the reader and I can’t wait to read the rest of the book.

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