This novel is a slight departure from my paranormal genre but some stories must to be told.


It’s painfully sobering when we learn we’ve been nothing but a pawn in someone else’s grand scheme.”

All is right in Loren Smith’s world. She has a perfect job and the perfect circle of friends and family. One thing so far has evaded her love.

When a chance encounter places her past with her present, Loren finds herself faced with unimaginable circumstances.

A tale of two souls that time could not separate.

Review:Breaking Fate By G.L Hunter

Breaking fate

Breaking Fate pulls you into a world of darkness and light in which Blaez, a souless being and Darcy, a mortal woman who feels like half of a whole find each other .

The novel grabbed me from the first page. I remember immediately falling for Blaez because I knew somewhere under that tough armour there was a being just waiting to find the key to unleash his potential  to love and feel. Enter Darci, bold and fearless and no stranger to loss or darkness.

This novel is a great mixture of action, suspense and drama you wont put it down until the end. And even then, you’ll be begging for more.

Ms. Hunter, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.



Alistair is the last of the Shrivers, the Church’s elite core of confessors. An emotionless killer, he confesses and executes his marks without mercy.

Raised in an atmosphere of luxury and wealth and a member of the Lilith brood, Saryl wants for nothing more than a night of freedom from the stifling rules of Stygian etiquette — until she meets a dark and lethal man from the mortal realm…Her executioner.

Something goes terribly wrong and now as danger closes in on all sides, the forbidden attraction between Alistair and Saryl proves hard to resist… A passion that could doom them both.

Available ONLINE and in your local bookstore 11/20/15.

Cover design by Jennifer Munswami of  J.M Rising Horse Creations​ : )

Review : Echo, Mine


Between my revisions for Infernal Shriver, I started reading Echo, Mine a novella by Georgia Lyn Hunter and I was pleasantly surprised because I usually prefer to read full length novels. In this little gem, I discovered Echo and Aethan a magnetic and magical couple whose love defies death, demons and the occasional intrusive friend (lol). What i like most about this novella was the couple’s chemistry. Echo and Aethan’s love story is so beautiful full of a anticipation, angst, and mutual desire. Aethan is the epitome of an alpha male and Echo is feisty and  independent. Together they make a killer duo. I also enjoyed the passion in Ms. Hunter’s writing. I could tell she took care to mold and develop her characters with little details and traits here and there.

Echo mine is an interlude in Echo and Aethan’s relationship and Absolute Surrender is the full lenght novel which I have since latched on and so far I must say it only gets better.

Get your copy of Echo, Mine and Absolute Surrender today:

Echo, Mine:http://Echo-Mine-Fallen-Guardians-1-5-ebook/dp/B010B4AYFU

Absolute Surrender: http://Absolute-Surrender-Fallen-Guardians-1-ebook/dp/B00Z742YJY